Next MIFARE DESFire Product Evolution 18. November 2013

Getting Ready for Tomorrow

It’s never too early to start thinking about the future which is why NXP is already introducing its new MIFARE DESFire EV2 development platform. Specifically targeting system integrators wanting to either upgrade existing MIFARE-based systems or starting to develop a totally new infrastructure, the new platform allows for greater application creativity and design flexibility whilst maintaining the high levels of security and privacy protection expected from MIFARE based products. By allowing early access to the MIFARE DESFire EV2 development platform, NXP offers a unique opportunity to partners ready to implement their solutions at the time MIFARE DESFire EV2 is released, enabling them to take immediate advantage of the benefits of this next generation product evolution.

Innovation via MIsmartApp

NXP is also offering eco-system partners the opportunity to think ahead and consider how their system solutions can be further elevated using a set of innovative features available on the EV2 development platform. The new multi-application MIsmartApp feature supports multi-operator and multi-service environments to enable new smart business models. Operators can now sell memory space for additional applications to third parties without the need to share the card’s master key. It allows for a combination of unlimited applications such as loyalty, membership, access management, bike rental or a transport pass on one single card. It’s like your personal app store in a contactless smart card.

The Preferred Development Platform

“We have been in close cooperation with NXP to define this next generation product.” says Pascal Roux, Innovation manager of ACS Solutions France, “The breakthrough features of MIFARE DESFire EV2 will enable a significantly enhanced customer experience, while enabling new business models and the next level of security and privacy protection”

“Cubic’s largest installations in London and San Francisco are relying on the performance, security and scalability of a MIFARE DESFire based ticketing system” says Pradip Mistry, CTO of Cubic Transportation Systems, “combining our profound system understanding with the outstanding smart card expertise of NXP enabled a product that stands out as a reference for the industry”

“Since many years INDRA has worked with the different versions of MIFARE DESFire cards.” says Antonio Candel Bello, CTO for public transport markets at Indra. “It has allowed us to provide a solution to our customers with the highest level of security, flexible enough to support multiple applications and offering excellent features to hold transport titles”

“The MIFARE DESFire product range is an excellent choice for ticketing systems” says Michel Dancygier, Project Design Authority of Thales, “We have successfully deployed large scale interoperable installations including Oslo, Nanjing, Delhi, Dubai, Bangkok and Auckland based on this product. The MIFARE DESFire platform increases flexibility and is also available on convergence platforms such as contactless bank cards and secure elements for the use with NFC enabled mobile devices with unrivalled end user experience in mobile ticketing. It reinforces the position of this product in the market.”

“NXP is honored that MIFARE DESFire is the preferred development platform for multi-application solutions, proven in over 60 cities, regions and national systems including San Francisco, Miami, London, Dubai, Nanjing and New Zealand.” said Martin Gruber, general manager, PL MIFARE, NXP Semiconductors. “It secures access to corporations and institutions like BASF, the Berlin public libraries, the University of Pennsylvania, the EU Commission, Daimler Benz and Nestlé to name but a few. Powering countless micro-payment and loyalty schemes, the platform is based on open standards and licensed to over five leading technology providers offering NFC solutions and dual-interface banking convergence cards. By listening to our eco-system partners and encouraging them to already use the MIFARE DESfire EV2 development platform, we want to jointly elevate solutions to the next level and get prepared for the future together.”