New MIFARE Logo 23. September 2013

NXP launched a new MIFARE logo to strengthen the visual brand identity and to signify the growth and transformation of MIFARE.

The MIFARE logo kicks off a new era of innovation and growth for the use of MIFARE products. Over the last 20 years, MIFARE has become an established brand for contactless transport ticketing and access management solutions and holds strong leadership positions in these two markets. In addition, the MIFARE product portfolio has evolved and is now fully prepared for a variety of new applications such as loyalty programs, micro-payment or gaming.

“Our new logo represents a forward-thinking mindset and for what MIFARE stands today – a modern and innovative platform that enables great customer experiences,” says Martin Gruber, general manager automatic fare collection, NXP Semiconductors. “We included visual elements of our corporate logo to make it easier for our customers to recognize MIFARE as a sub-brand of NXP.”

The new MIFARE logo features three different sizes of bubbles held in the corporate colors of NXP which stand for growth and represent our dynamic, innovative and flexible attributes. With the white lines in between, the commitment to contactless technologies is expressed.

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