Unilever chooses Nedap for their global physical access solution 2. July 2013
By Nedap Security Management

After a competitive selection process Unilever has chosen Nedap to deliver their global physical access solution. Nedap’s security solution AEOS is able to meet Unilever’s requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability and usability. AEOS is envisaged to secure over 20.000 doors in more than 800 Unilever sites around the world, including video surveillance. Nedap offers a global support model for implementation and maintenance of AEOS through its worldwide network of business partners. “Unilever are a strategic client and this demonstrates the partnership we can build to deliver a global solution.” says Jeroen Gieling, Manager Global Accounts at Nedap. “Our implementation delivery model, where we leverage our global spanning network of system integrators for implementations at site level, and our technology, which sits very naturally in the forward thinking information technology concept of Unilever, have proven to be the match that Unilever looked for.” Ian Dunning, Global Facilities Director at Unilever adds: “The partnership between Unilever and Nedap forms a key part of our global programme for harmonization of key tools and processes – to achieve agility and scale, and to improve the experience of the users of our facilities, is core to Unilever. It is also an essential element of our overall Workplace transformation, as we continue to focus on delivering service excellence at the lowest possible cost. The AEOS system enables greater flexibility in how we operate our security solution to drive future innovation.” AEOS is a standardized solution for all Unilever sites. This standardization results in several global advantages, including cost savings, global reporting capability and enhanced user experience. One of the automated and centrally managed processes allows Unilever to easily make management reports for all Unilever locations from one single database, giving valuable business information. The implementation of self service capability of employees for access requests and badge activation greatly enhances user experience. The use of a single access badge for all locations the employees visit increases mobility and harmonizes all Unilever locations as one company, fully aligned to Unilever’s agile working agenda.

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