RIOT release NFC ESL battery-less Label 14. October 2013


System overview;

RIOT ESL label is electronic display device, placeable on the goods shelf, which adopt with 13.56Mhz
contactless RFID technology and e-paper.

Combining with RFID writer and handheld terminal and communicate with database in PC of the
supermarket through cable or wireless, then enable to sort products out easily and conveniently,
also can update the newest product’s price on the display area, while synchronize the information
of the revised and database at the same time.
This label will be well improved the situation of traditional manually changing price label, and realizing
the coherence between the checkstand and goods shelf, and lower down the error rate on manual
changing, also saving manpower and material cost, and reduce other unexpected market influence
may caused by wrong label.
Its’ getting more and more popular among the merchants and will be widely used in all kinds of

Key Features:

  • Same size as ISO standard cards(86*54*0.8mm)
  • With display zone of 50*19mm
  • Compliant with ISO14443 Type A& Type B standard,information storable
  • Available as message post or marking stick, that contents displaying can be revised by market’s service, also can be done through NFC smart terminals, to create profits for super markets.
  • Able to acted as electronic certification , each label has its unique serial number, also be as products warranty card and writable into brief introduction, for saving papers and improve product image meantime.
  • Completely sealed , dustproof and waterproof, which able to be directly placed on shelves or any other places freely, and protected by current anti-theft measures of the markets, no other additional cost is needed.
  • No need to setup power inside of the label, only when doing revising, it will get power from mobile terminal through wireless technology, other conditions without using power, green and eco-friendly, no maintain cost also
  • Wireless communication method, simply the system structure and enable installation to be more convenient without wiring in advance, workable by several handheld terminals, and lower down the cost on installing, apply and maintain in infinitely