POPWings, the stunning NFC experience 28. January 2013
By Laurence

Business cards used to be dull. Now they POP! Are you ready to shake out the traditional ways of sharing contact details using NFC technology? Then you’ll love POPWings!

POPWings is an amazing connected business card solution aiming at increasing your network on the spot. Not only will you remember who, but also when and where you met, and even take follow-up actions!

It is a fun, easy and immediate way to stay in touch. When you place someone’s POPWings NFC card behind your NFC phone, you’ll automatically collect his contact details and links to his favored social networks. POPWings also lets you search through your contacts by name, date, location and company. Moreover, once one of your contacts modifies his details, they’ll instantly update within the app. Your card and contacts now last for a lifetime.

Getting your personalized POPCard is easy! To create and order your POPCard, you can either go to www.POPWings.me or use the POPApp, which is already available for Android OS and Windows Phone 8.

Whether you’re a bank, a handset provider, a mobile network operator or a service provider, POPWings will provide your customers a fun and immediate, yet stunning NFC experience.

Come to the NXP booth to learn more about POPWings. Mister POP, our NFC Ambassador, will be at MWC and will give you the opportunity to create your very first POPWings card for free. POP Wings works with NFC compliant tags such as MIFARE DESFire or NTAG.

Everything goes digital, so does business cards!

POPwings. One pop to stay in touch. One POP to share your digital world.