NFC applications for Android smartphones supported by AdvanIDe 2. November 2016
By AdvanIDe GmbH

With TapLinx, NXP offers a whole new experience as the One-Stop-Shop for mobile NFC development. There are no complex commands in the TapLinx Javadoc and the open Java API from TapLinx will shorten the time from idea to market significantly.

AdvanIDe supports developers, Startups and companies to get NFC products easily. As a MIFARE Premium Partner we support with samples in any form factor globally. There might be different shapes required than smart cards. With Internet of Things new smart objects need NFC labeling or customized shapes. No matter if you want to discover the products, if you need ICs for a bigger project, everything is available at one source.

Together with NFC 21 we provide assistance for all developer projects.

Contact AdvanIDe if you need support for your projects: