Launch of new SOAA standard for electronic offline locks 2. July 2013
By Nedap Security Management

Until recently it was hardly possible to combine several brands of electronic offline locks of different kinds of suppliers in one access control system. However, this is a demand of many large European companies, who have announced not to invest in electronic offline locks anymore, as long as there is no standardization available. To meet up to this demand, ASSA ABLOY, DORMA, Nedap and Zugang GmbH have developed a new standard, the Standard Offline Access Application (SOAA).

By implementing this standard it will be easy for companies to integrate multiple electronic offline locks from multiple suppliers. Each company is therefore free to choose the product which fits best. This freedom of choice will result in reduced prices, as they are not depending on one supplier anymore. Besides that, standardization also increases the security level. Standards are open and therefore tested and investigated by everyone. This is the most secure way.

Companies that want to profit of these advantages can specify the SOAA standard in their tender.

They can request information about SOAA without obligations at the SOAA secretary:

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