Identiv’s Powered Inlays for Control Print: Coding and Marking Authentication 4. March 2016
By Anja Anja

By Michael Wai

Control Print is one of India’s fastest growing coding and marking solution providers. The company provides the highest value to its customers and shareholders through market leadership, continuous innovation, and superior standards in products and services. Like many established and reputed companies in this space, Control Print had fallen victim to cheap, low-quality, so-called compatible or duplicated ink and solvent consumable cartridges, causing heavy revenue losses and damage to its high-quality marking equipment.

The Control Print team was quick to respond to this challenge by designing and implementing contactless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology on their printers and consumables, using NXP MIFARE ClassicTM RFID chips. The company’s marking equipment was upgraded with add-on intelligent boards to authenticate genuine, high-quality consumables tagged with MIFARE Classic labels before printing. Now, if an incompatible, duplicated, or refilled consumable is loaded, the intelligence built into the printer will reject the consumable and prevent any further printing.

“We chose Identiv’s high-quality RFID labels with NXP MIFARE Classic chips and have received excellent technical support from both companies,” said Pawan Kuma, Manager of Control Print India. “It was a natural choice for Control Print to implement this technology into our products.”

“Complementary technology from Identiv and NXP has helped Control Print protect their consumable revenue and reduce service support arising from damage,” said Michael WAI, VP Sales APAC of Identiv. “We have been working with NXP since 2013 and will continue to introduce different form factors using the company’s high-security chips to maintain quality and security for our customers.”

Identiv is an expert at designing and manufacturing passive high-frequency (HF) inlays. Annually, the company provides over 200M units of NFC, RFID, and sensor-enabled inlays for embedded use in the Internet of Things (IoT) market, including medical devices, books, toys, and athletic apparel.

To learn more about Control Print, please visit controlprint.com. For more information on RFID solutions for the anti-counterfeiting and brand-protection market, please visit identiv.com.