Snelpas Business Service B.V.

Snelpas is the supplier of all kinds of products for protecting, securing, and identifying people and articles. In the field of accessories, intended to be able to wear the cards visible and/or to protect them well, we are the market leader in the Netherlands. In addition to the accessories, we supply a wide range of RFID products such as cards, key fobs, wristbands, and card readers.


Bart Buné
E-mail: bart@snelpas.nl
Tel.: +31 35 523 80 18


Industrieweg 15
1271 AJ Huizen


Products & Services

  • MIFARE components distribution and pre-products
  • MIFARE IC related production equipment or machines
  • MIFARE IC-based end-user products


  • Access control
  • Leisure & Entertainment
  • Loyalty
  • Transportation