Smooth & Sharp Corporation

Founded in 1995, S&S is a professional supply platform for smart card chips, solar module back sheets and various adhesives (including solar/LED/electronics/architecture, etc.) industrial materials, daily chemicals, and soft electronic products.

Over the years, we have provided domestic and mainland smart cards, solar modules and LED manufacturers with industrial materials that meet international certification. In addition to TÜV and UL certification, most of the products introduced by our company have also passed ROHS, REACH, RAL and other international certifications.

Most of the products introduced by our company can be supplied from stock; smart card chips and smart labels, Italian Coveme solar back sheet & 3V Sigma daily chemical, China Huiatian industrial adhesive, German OTTO solar silicone and construction adhesive & MicroSensys temperature sensor, etc.

In the field of flexible hybrid electronic printing, with 15 years of perseverance and perseverance in the production of RFID products, with self-developed flip-package equipment and a perfect label manufacturing process, Yuanzhun has successfully mass-produced environmentally friendly RFID labels, which is different from The chemical aluminium etching process in the past is more environmentally friendly, flexible and simplified, which makes S&S have a good prospect in the field of soft hybrid electronics. With S&S's self-developed crystal planting equipment, electronic components, such as LEDs, have been successfully planted on low-temperature substrates.

In addition to introducing professional and innovative technologies from all over the world, S&S also pays special attention to green energy industry technology. Under the global environmental protection trend, S&S introduces products with zero pollution to the earth with a precise and innovative vision and hopes that customers can use our high-quality and professional. The service platform feels our sincerity and progress.

So far, S&S has set up service bases in Taipei, Taoyuan, Shenzhen and Germany, and has specialized business windows to provide customers with the most prompt and professional services.


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