Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earlier specializing in the production of contactless smart card, intelligent electronic tags, and RF reader. Our owned subsidiary locates in Shenzhen( Shenzhen Huayuan Smart Information & Technologies Co., Ltd) have full sets of production line of Smart Cards which have been approved by IC certification and ISO9001:2008 certification.
Now hundreds of millions of pieces of RFID products have been supplied to our clients and partners around the world which have widely been used tosecurity&protection, transportation, tourism, anti-counterfeiting, financial and others.
Our clients partners: Shanghai Metro Group, Zhejing Highway Group,Tongji University, HP Incorporation, France Airport,Canada Airport,etc. More than 10years international business experiences to establish the long term business relationship with more than 100 countries and areas’ clients and partners. different specification smart cards,tags,labels and reader modules are provided to our customers.OEM & ODM service is available.


Lei Tang
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