APSCA is the business association for secure smart chip technology applications in Asia. The association provides services to organisations in the smart card, smart device, contactless, mobile contactless/NFC, ePassport, M2M and IOT businesses. 
Established in 1997 as an independent association for both end-users and suppliers, APSCA now has over 60 members in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Australia and Europe. APSCA is part of the Smartex group of smart card industry associations in Europe, Africa and Asia with over 300 members worldwide.
The Association delivers information, consultancy, guidance and networking to corporations and government organisations, including smart card issuers, application owners, scheme operators and suppliers, providing an unparalleled opportunity to source information and contacts, facilitate smart card initiatives and generate increased business development.
Since 1997 APSCA has organised over 150 events, seminars, trainings and conferences across 12 countries in Asia focusing on the business and technology for smart cards, smart objects and smart devices. Many of these events were co-organised with government agencies, banking organisations, payment systems, transport departments and mobile operators.
APSCA has one of the largest business networks in Asia with over 11,000 smart card industry executives from end-users and suppliers, including senior decision-makers from government agencies, banks, credit card companies, transport operators and revenue collectors, mobile operators and merchants responsible for issuing, accepting and processing millions of smart cards, smart devices, contactless cards and ePassports.
Further information about APSCA is available at www.apsca.org


Greg Pote
Head Office
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