MIFARE4Mobile V1.01

NXP offers this MIFARE4Mobile V1.01 specification based service manager applet, which allows to manage any MIFARE Classic based application on NFC enabled mobile devices, which are equipped with an embedded secure elements from the PN65 series. The MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager applet comes either pre-installed on the PN65O or is customer installable on PN65N and PN65N+.

The core elements of the service manager are according to the MIFARE4Mobile specifications:

  • Over the air (OTA) installation, operation and revocation of MIFARE products (TSM API)
  • Management of the application lifecycle of MIFARE applications in a mobile handset (Service Manager)
  • Display capabilities of MIFARE content on the handset screen (Wallet API)

In the present implementation NXP extended the MIFARE4Mobile V1.01 specification to increase the coverage on possible business relationships and to enhance the remote and wallet management capabilities. NXP’s MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager implementation allows separation of:

  • Provisioning – which is the initial instantiation and memory allocation of a MIFARE Classic based application
  • Management – which is the activation, loading, re-loading and balance checking of a MIFARE Classic based application

With this separation the NXP’s MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager applet fulfills the need of systems integrators and service providers to independently manage MIFARE Classic based services after provisioning by the secure element owner.

Key features

  •  Supported MIFARE technology platform
    • MIFARE Classic 1K
    • MIFARE Classic 4K
  •  MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager Interfaces
    • TSM Interface
      • Unblock Pin(Personalize Pin)
      • Load(Service Object/MIFARE Application)
      • Install(Service Object/MIFARE Application)
      • Delete (Service Object/MIFARE Application)
      • Store Data (Update/Retrieve, Service Object/MIFARE Application Data)
      • Put Key (SCP02 keys for Service Manager)
    • Wallet Interface
      • Verify Pin
      • Change Pin
      • Retrieve Data(Retrieve ServiceObject/MIFARE Application data)
      • Get Data
      • Activate(Activate/Deactivate MIFARE Application)
  • Extensions
    • MAD (MIFARE Application Directory) support
    • Multi MIFARE application management
    • Multi MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager Application support
    • RMAC(Response MAC) support
    • TP (Trusted Provisioning) support
    • Transaction mechanism for MIFARE4Mobile Service Manager multi instances
    • Transaction mechanism for Service Object loading, reloading and Service Object Data updates(Store Data)
  • Supported JCOP Platforms
    • 2.4.1 R3 and 2.4.2 R1
    • MIFARE sector trailer reset support for 2.4.2 R1 cards