Anti-Counterfeit Activities


NXP is fighting against unauthorized MIFARE® product copies through innovative and efficient anti-counterfeiting activities. Our anti-counterfeit activities are addressed regionally (i.e. APAC, AMEC and EMEA) by dedicated teams consisting of relevant NXP stakeholders and external partners.

Over 100.000 infringing MIFARE product advertisements offered on various online auction platforms were removed over the last 2 years with support of selected specialist partners. On a daily basis, the MIFARE Intellectual Property Protection Team organizes anonymous test purchases and enforces NXP’s Intellectual Property (IP) rights through Cease and Desist letters as well as IP litigation. Test purchases prove to be an effective method to identify sellers dealing with counterfeit products worldwide. Furthermore, NXP is active in seizing counterfeit products and promotional material offered at exhibitions all over the world.

To give you a feel of the scale of our operation: Hundreds of test purchases are conducted every year, which results in hundreds of targets being addressed every year on a global level with strong IP right enforcement measures, including recent litigation cases in amongst other China, France and The Netherlands. Hence, NXP takes counterfeiting very seriously.

Interested to learn more about NXP’s anti-counterfeiting activities? Please have a look at the selected information: