MIFARE Certification

With an ever increasing number of companies producing MIFARE based products, certification at different level is vital for successful implementations. Tendering parties can rely on the fact that certified card products from any supplier will work correctly with any certified terminal/reader from another vendor. As a provider of certified MIFARE products, you demonstrate your commitment to quality, interoperability and reliability, establishing trust with your customers. The NXP MIFARE team has accredited MIFARE Certification Partners which carry out Functional Certifications (Level 1 and Level 2) of MIFARE products such as inlays, cards and reader/terminals, as well as MIFARE implemented by licensees on e.g. Secure Elements.

It is recommended that applicants first gain Functional Certification of their products before proceeding with Security Certification.

Functional Certification

Functional Certification ensures that the MIFARE products conforms with all requirements and is primarily used to guarantee that the card or reader products from a certified supplier will work correctly with any certified terminal or reader. Certified products fulfill the functional requirements in quality, reliability and interoperability for smart and secue contactless MIFARE solutions.

Functional Certification Level 1

Level 1 ensures that the implemented MIFARE functionality shows the correct behavior according to the specification of the respective MIFARE IC. This includes NXP’s MIFARE ICs as well as MIFARE implementations from licensees.

The following partner provides functional certification services for Level 1:

  • UL (Level 1)

Functional Certification through the UL MIFARE Test Center (Level 1)

UL, an independent Test Center, offers functional certification of licensed products from the MIFARE family. The UL certificate is complementary to the certification services for end products as offered by Arsenal Testhouse and allows vendors such as card manufacturers to identify functionally correct products for their solutions. UL’s thorough understanding of the MIFARE technical requirements, in-depth knowledge of the technology involved with smart cards and mobile devices, combined with a clear certification process will certify the quality of your products while maintaining a fast time to market.

UL is a world leader in advancing safety. UL’s transaction security service line (a consolidation of former Collis, RFI Smart and Witham Laboratories) is an independent knowledge partner in the area of secure transactions. With over 250 expert consultants and decades of experience in smart card-related technology, UL Transaction Security offers advisory services, test and certification services, security evaluation services, training, and test tools.

Functional Certification Level 2

Level 2 concerns the testing and certification of the proper MIFARE functionality on the RFID (air) interface (ISO/IEC 14443A part 3). Wave shapes and timing conditions are measured according to the respective ISO specification and with extended MIFARE requirements. This concerns card and inlay products as well as reader/writer terminal products.

The following partners provide functional certification services for Level 2:

Functional Certification through Arsenal Testhouse (Level 2)

Arsenal Testhouse is an independent certification institute for contactless MIFARE based systems and offers reliable functional testing and certification of such systems from a technically competent. With its experience in certifying contactless transmission via an RF interface, the MIFARE Certification Institute of Arsenal Testhouse substantially contributes to the hitch-free functionality of MIFARE systems globally. This results in more than 200 certified cards, inlays and readers. The experience and obtained results will be integrated into further standards development by national and international committees, making the MIFARE Certification Institute a major contributor to worldwide interoperable MIFARE systems. As an experienced and competent partner, the highly qualified experts of Arsenal Testhouse can support you from the development phase to manufacture, as well as providing testing and consulting services.

Functional Certification through LSI-TEC (Level 2)

LSI-TEC is an independent certification institute providing reliable MIFARE certification services for customers. Our Certification Partner certifies the compatibility of MIFARE cards and qualifies inlays according to MIFARE Test Specifications. The experts from LSI-TEC validate the compatibility of MIFARE IC based cards with the purpose of ensuring that the certified card is able to establish reliable communication through an ISO/IEC 14443 compliant RF interface with reader terminals from different manufacturers. The certificates issued successfully by LSI-TEC are equivalent to the certificates offered by the Arsenal Testhouse.

Highly appreciated by NXP, LSI-TEC is a qualified and reliable Certification Partner, which provides world-wide Level 2 MIFARE certification services, with a focus on South America. Besides that, LSI-TEC offers electronic devices and micro devices, ICs, software and hardware for educational applications as well as basic software and applications for PDAs and cell phones.

Security Certification

NXP has many years of experience in providing secure products and has capitalized on this experience in the specification of security features in MIFARE products. The correct implementation of these features is crucial to providing a secure environment for system providers and end users and this is ensured through an independant security certification.

This certification may be achieved in one of two ways:

  • in form of a Common Criteria evaluation to EAL4+ level (see commoncriteriaportal.org)
  • via MIFARE Security Certification offered by  NXP

The MIFARE security certification scheme requires the same level of security vulnerability analysis and testing as the Common Criteria scheme as it is based on the same JHAS testing requirements. A MIFARE analysis document is provided as part of the scheme which allows the evaluation lab to focus on the penetration testing required and therefore less time needs to be spent on detailed product documentation. This in turn results on less time for the evaluation and lower cost.

Take a look at already successfully issued Security Certificates.


Advantages of the MIFARE Security Certification scheme 

  • Less effort on manufacturer/evaluator side
  • Reduced time to market
  • Same level of security as for CC
  • Less expensive compared to CC certification process
  • Avoidance of bottlenecks at labs, CA capacities or internal resources for work on CC

Please download the presentation of the MIFARE Security Scheme Evaluation for more information. To make enquiries please fill in the Application Form and send it to mifarecertification@nxp.com.

To start a renewal for an existing certificate please also fill in the Application form and include a corresponding remark when you send the same to mifarecertification@nxp.com.

The possible start date for a renewal security evaluation is six months before the expiration date of the existing Approval letter. The extended life cycle will be linked to the previous expiration date.

After the submission you will receive an extended PRN Number which is 1:1 related to the initial one, i.e. PRN_yyyy_xxx_Rxx (R=renewal). In the same manner we will proceed when we issue the Approval Number, i.e. ARN_yyy_xxx_Rxx (R=Renewal).

The following labs meet the requirments of the MIFARE Security Certification Scheme: