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MIFARE - Understanding our Brand

MIFARE is NXP’s well-known brand for a wide range of contactless IC products, which are used in more than 40 different types of applications worldwide. With 150 million reader ICs and 10 billion contactless and dual interface ICs sold, MIFARE products are proven and more reliable than any other contactless interface technology in the market.

The MIFARE brand represents 20 years of continuous success. Rooted in NXP’s heritage of dedicated high performance contactless solutions, focused on technology innovations and greater versatility because solution providers need to address constantly changing market requirements. MIFARE products were established for a simple idea, to revolutionize the way of how millions around the world use different applications in their daily life. It is the quest for convenient, secure and innovative contactless applications that reveals the essence of the MIFARE brand.

Our brand has made a lasting mark in the minds of technology enthusiasts worldwide. Every interaction we have with our customers is focused on allowing them to immerse themselves in the brand experience. We continually infuse our brand with new ideas and innovations to meet the high expectations of the contactless industry worldwide.

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MIFARE is strengthened by a global community of contactless industry experts sharing their desire for innovative and secure applications. This community values the brand’s innovative spirit and dedication to quality, innovation and service. They have made MIFARE a part of our daily life.

In order to protect these values and our brand itself we designed Branding and Trademark Guidelines which you can find under the Trademark and Branding Information.