Reader-Writer Kit for MIFARE ICs

This kit consists of the Pegoda II reference design reader-writer, a set of MIFARE® family tag samples and a CD-ROM with documentation and the RFIDDiscover PC user interface software for handling communication to the Pegoda II reader and card ICs.

More information about RFIDDiscover can be found here.

Pegoda II

The Pegoda II (CLRD710) is NXP’s latest generation of reference designs for secure applications. It is built around a proven, well-established solution based on the MFRC523 contactless reader IC and a powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor. The latest application note is available here.


  • Multiprotocol ISO/IEC 14443 and MIFARE product-based operation
  • PC/SC-based architecture on widely deployed hardware solutions
  • Full support for entire MIFARE IC portfolio and RFIDDiscover software
  • MIFARE SAM support in standard or X-mode
  • ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with integrated flash memory
  • Firmware in source code and binaries
  • USB host interface to PC and Windows-based user interface
  • Optional support for RS232, RS485, JTAG, Ethernet

Pegoda Contactless Smart Card Reader

Please find further documentation here