MIFARE Virtual Reality App

Enter the MIFARE Virtual Reality: Discover and interact in the world of tomorrow!

How to get the MIFARE Virtual Reality app:

  • Download the free MIFARE VR app for Android
  • Start the app on your phone
  • Put your mobile phone into the google cardboard glasses (which you can get here) or some other virtual reality glasses
  • Experience and enjoy the MIFARE future by looking at the MIFARE logos you will find for 2 seconds

NFC is everywhere and the future will even be more interactive contactless applications will accompany us through our lives.

And MIFARE will be at the center of it.

Ride with the future public transportation to another planet and enjoy the stars.

Enter a hotel and change the room settings by looking at the MIFARE logo.

Open doors with MIFARE.

Take a walk around and find the NFC poster and order your camera by virtually tapping your MIFARE card (looking at the MIFARE logo).

Pay and collect loyalty points.

Enter the MIFARE future now and enjoy your ride to the moon!


Experience how the MIFARE Virtual Reality looks like