US Campuses Go Mobile with MIFARE 2GO 15. May 2020

Transact Campus Inc., a leading provider of mobile-centric campus solutions, has announced the availability of its Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay, which leverages NXP’s secure MIFARE 2GO cloud service to enable mobile access and micropayments at universities. MIFARE 2GO is designed to manage digitized MIFARE product-based credentials and the service enables scalability across all compatible Android NFC-enabled phones and now gives students convenient mobile access to campuses services.

Using Transact and third-party NFC-enabled reader hardware, universities can facilitate a variety of mobile ID transactions at dining halls, athletic facilities, libraries, campus events, bookstores, laundry rooms, as well as off-campus locations where student IDs are accepted. Sixteen institutions have committed to rolling out Transact Mobile Credential for Google Pay.

Read more in Transact’s official press release.