The NXP MIFARE team welcomes Shenzhen Takcere Credit Card Manufacturing Ltd. as its first MIFARE Advanced Partner in China 20. October 2015

In recognition of their remarkable contribution to the MIFARE® product eco-system with high quality MIFARE ICs, value-added services and for promoting NXP´s MIFARE product technology to its global customers since many years, the NXP MIFARE team has granted the MIFARE Advanced Partner status to Shenzhen Takcere Credit Card Manufacturing Ltd., a leading provider of card manufacturing services and system solutions.

Since the first introduction of MIFARE Classic® card products, Shenzhen Takcere today supplies millions of MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE® DESFire® EV1 card products every month into different market segments, including public transportation, road tolling, access control, retail, hospitality, gaming, as well as various payment and loyalty applications.

Takcere is dedicated to help customers to accelerate the achievement of their business goals and maximize their system investment benefits based on their strong value-added services and support.

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Public project reference examples:

  • Jiangxi Expressway Networking Management Center – MIFARE Classic 1K
    Starting more than 10 years ago, Takcere supported the customer in migrating from magnetic stripe cards to a multi-application MIFARE Classic Expressway card based road tolling system. About 10 million high-quality and high-durability MIFARE cards have been delivered for the Jiangxi Expressway project throughout the years. Another 1 million card contract has been awarded this year including production, testing, personalization and delivery. Since 2003, Shanxi Shenzhen Takcere supplied around 500.000 Expressway password and business cards for road tolling.
  • Guang Fo Tong Electric Ltd transportation card – MIFARE Classic 4K
    Since 2005 Shenzhen Takcere has been supplying more than 300.000 MIFARE Classic 4K cards to Guang Fo Tong Electric Ltd. for transportation cards. Another 100K unit contract has been awarded to Shenzhen Takcere this year.
  • Commercial Bank in Georgia: Payment and loyalty card application – MIFARE Plus 4K
    One of the largest banks in Georgia, with the largest branch network, serves approximately 1.5 million individuals and over 78.000 legal entities. Since 2013, we have supplied more than 2 million custom-printed MIFARE Classic bank cards for various applications: The MIFARE Plus cards are used in a local payment gateway consisting of 250 Georgian and foreign service providers allowing card holders to pay their utility bills and are also accepted by the UnionPay International (UPI) payment system. The card can be used at more than 20 million merchant locations in over 30 countries worldwide. Card holders can also collect bonus point with their payments.
  • City bus card – public transport, loyalty and payment
    In the Georgian cities Rustavi and Batumi card holders can use the MIFARE product based city bus card as a regular bank card and pay at merchants whilst earning bonus points for every purchase.
  • MIFARE IC based gambling bank card
    is designed for online casinos and gambling sites. Card holder can recharge their balance at popular online gambling sites and withdraw their winnings from any bank ATM machine.
  • Public Transport Bus ticket – County of Jönköping, Sweden
    SmartTech production supplied offset printed MIFARE Plus X 2KB cards which are used as public transport tickets in the county of Jönköping in Sweden. Our customer programmed the full Level 4 functionality with AES authentication and encryption with differential keys.
  • Biometric Match-On-Card application – Northern Europe
    SmartTech production supplied offset printed MIFARE Classic 4K cards which are used in high security access control systems based on Biometric Match-On-Card functionality. Our customer encrypted the biometric data outside the card and programmed the cards with encrypted data using differential keys.