The latest version of TapLinx SDK used by developers in a Hackathon! 12. December 2018

NXP´s free TapLinx Software Development Kit is commonly used by developers of Android mobile apps, because it allows them to create their product that much faster by utilizing the provided open Java API with high-level tag commands, eliminating the need for in-depth knowledge of contactless tag ICs and extensive datasheet study. Developers obtain access to hardware features of the entire NXP NFC product portfolio; the apps can communicate with MIFARE, NTAG and ICODE products.

The latest TapLinx version 1.5 is adding support for even more of NXP´s IC products, like the new NTAG 424 DNA and NTAG 424 DNA Tag Tamper. Besides different upgrades, several bug fixes have been implemented.

All these improvements have made working with TapLinx even more enjoyable for attendees of the Hackathon in Munich, Germany, organized by ProSiebenSat.1 on the topic “Smart Entertainment Everywhere”.

NXP, as an official partner of the hackathon, was keen to inspire young talents with NFC and its wide applications. By providing the TapLinx SDK to hackathon attendees a broad variety of interesting mobile apps were created.

The huge interest shown by the “hackers” was impressive, as over 75% of all participants have decided to include NFC in their projects!

Use cases varied from travel apps which read NFC tags spread over the city, thus connecting the physical and virtual world, to parent management app where kids needed to buy credits in order to watch cartoons by dropping NFC coins into an NFC-equipped box.

Of course, every competition needs to have a winner. Besides the winners selected by the official hackathon judges, NXP has decided to reward its own winners based on the most creative NFC implementation. In the end, both parties nominated the same team as a winner. We are proud to see NFC and TapLinx contributed to their win!

Find more information about TapLinx here.