The book “RFID – MIFARE und kontaktlose Smartcards angewandt” 16. December 2011

The book “RFID – MIFARE und kontaktlose Smartcards angewandt” offers a competent technical entry into this technology, focusing on the practical elements of card, reader and system design.

“RFID – MIFARE und kontaktlose Smartcards angewandt” introduces the physical basics of the contactless interface, the relevant standards like ISO/IEC 14443, the analog and antenna design as well as the basic aspects of security and used cryptography.

The book describes the complete hardware and software design of a contactless smartcard reader, based on a microcontroller and a reader IC both from NXP. The reader firmware as well as the PC software supports all kind of “.NET” programming languages.

There is a specific PC-Program “Smart Card Magic.NET” available, which has been programmed to send smartcard commands on a mouse click. Based on this software the user can program C# scripts or even adapt and debug the commands in a standard Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express Edition.The relevant smart card reader APIs are described, focusing on the programming of commercially available PC/SC-readers using C/C++, Java or C#.

Currently the book is available in German language only, but a translation at least into English is planned.

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