Tatwah Smartech Co., Ltd. from China achieves MIFARE Advanced Partner Status 4. June 2018

NXP Semiconductors is pleased to announce that China-based Tatwah Smartech Co., Ltd. has been awarded MIFARE Advanced Partner status. This elite status, granted only to those companies showing continuous engagement in the market, outstanding contribution to the MIFARE® product ecosystem, and close alignment with the NXP MIFARE team, reflects Tatwah’s more than 20 years of experience in the mass production of MIFARE IC data carriers, such as key cards and ID tags, and the fact that the company has supplied more than 60 million MIFARE products worldwide since 2013.

Tatwah is among the ten largest producers of RFID data carriers with ISO 9001 and 14001 qualifications, and their well-known Mango brand is widely recognized for its proven quality and conformance to industry standards.


Mass production at a fair price is a central theme for Tatwah. The company runs a horizontally integrated factory that provides everything under one roof. From wafer processing, antenna technology, and frequency range, to bonding, laminating, assembly, test, and certification, Tatwah’s 40,000 square-meter production facility, staffed with roughly 1,000 employees, has a capacity of more than 1 million pieces a day, or 600,000 pre-printed cards. Other finished products, beyond cards, include made-to-order badges, key chains, wristbands, and a wide assortment of novelty items embedded with RFID capabilities.

Tatwah’s advanced manufacturing capabilities have been part of many large-scale, public-facing projects. In China, for example, Tatwah has supplied more than 20 million prelaminated electronic IDs based on MIFARE Classic® with 4K memory and 30 million transport tokens based on MIFARE Ultralight®. In another Asian mass-transit deployment, Tatwah has shipped 5 million transport cards based on MIFARE® DESFire®. For access control, the company has supplied 1.5 million MIFARE product-based wristbands to a European customer, and in a loyalty application, they have sent 6.6 million key fobs, based on MIFARE Ultralight, to a customer in the United States.

Through their design center in Switzerland, the company addresses a broad range of applications that rely on NXP’s MIFARE ICs for contactless transactions, including access control, NFC, industry and logistics, automotive, animal ID, secure ID, micropayment, transportation and mass transit, government-issued credentials, and fuel-management ID.

As a MIFARE Advanced Partner, Tatwah is a regional ambassador for MIFARE products and will continue to provide expert support in the design, production, and deployment of contactless solutions that integrate MIFARE ICs. Tatwah will continue to work closely with NXP, helping to define new MIFARE product-based solutions, and is authorized to use NXP’s MIFARE Advanced Partner logo and certificate for its marketing activities.

About the MIFARE Partner Program

The MIFARE Partner Program is a network of companies enabling secure, desirable, multi-application solutions based on market-leading contactless solutions. These companies form a community of component and solution providers working together to enable flexible, interoperable end-customer solutions that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.