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  • Re: Reply To: Create valet application with MIFARE DESfire EV2.

    27. July 2018 at 9:03
    in reply to: Create valet application with MIFARE DESfire EV2.
    Thanks for reply

    TapLinx is a good tool to develop NFC applications on smartphones platform, I have evaluated a sample application with it too.
    but currently, my focus is to prove some concepts concern with high secure valet application based on RFID Discover tool(NDA) with DESFire EV2.
    so, before we get supported readers(e.g Pegoda CLRD710) RFIDDiscover on launch "Get available readers" menu options is available to simulate application with RFIDDiscover. how can I simulate application with RFIDDiscovery? RFID discover user manual is based on reader tool only, so is there any document to guide simulate application?
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