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  • Re: Re: Mifare UL EV1 password

    19. August 2014 at 11:31
    in reply to: Mifare UL EV1 password
    Hi Sean,

    In case of Ultralight EV1, you are able to write only 48 bytes of ndef message only.
    it's as per lite sdk design. there is no functionality of password authentication in lite.

    This functionlaity will be avaliable in advanced sdk.

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    Re: Re: Sample Nxp Nfc Lite Lib

    10. July 2014 at 13:37
    in reply to: Sample Nxp Nfc Lite Lib
    this issue issue has been resolved on the latest library v

    Verify .
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    Re: Re: MIFARE SDK for Android

    18. June 2014 at 22:19
    in reply to: MIFARE SDK for Android
    Regarding crashing issue in nexus 5, can you try to install the given apk(SampleNxpNfcLiteLib.apk) in mifare sdk SampleApps.
    and after installing check your specific card/tag is detecting or not.
    if it still crash then share the nexus-5 Android version and the card/tag you are using.

    Note: Even though the mifare classic is not detecting by non-nxp controller but the application should not be crashed in any controller.
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    Re: Re: MIFARE SDK for Android

    10. June 2014 at 20:42
    in reply to: MIFARE SDK for Android
    follow the below steps for accessing :
    1- private NxpNfcLibLite libInstacne = null;
    2- Activity Oncreate method
    libInstacne = NxpNfcLibLite.getInstance();

    3-Activity onNewIntent method override classic and plus
    libInstacne.filterIntent(intent, new Nxpnfcliblitecallback() {
    public void onMifareClassicCardDetected(final MFClassic objMFCCard) {

    public void onMifarePlusCardDetected(final Plus objMFPlus) {

    Note: Classic will not detect in Samsung S4 due to Brcm controller.
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