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    5. August 2016 at 13:43
    in reply to: Mifare DesFire Authentication
    Hello all, I want to ask about Mifare Desfire authentication.
    I did DES authentication and the result is 0x00 or OK but with the same method and flow, I did AES authentication and the result is 0xAE or authentication error. What I read before, my problem is IV for encryption. The initial IV is 0x00 (16 bytes) and I am not sure about the second IV.
    I have tried last 8 bytes of e(RndB) and followed by 0, whole e(RndB) as IV at second encryption but the result still 0xAE. Is there something I miss about the AES authentication?
    Thank you for the answer.

    Best Regards,
    Richard Kartiyanta
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