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  • Re: Reply To: Read from NTAGI2C PLUS 2K

    19. September 2017 at 11:03
    in reply to: Read from NTAGI2C PLUS 2K

    Thank you very much for your advice. My issue anyway persist.

    I'm trying to analise the first and the last user-page, but application tell me that tag's first user-page is 4 ( and I think that it is right) and my last page is 225 ( like a 1K tag and not an 2K tag).

    The NXP TagInfo for android can read all memory here, and the only odd thing that I see with scan is the strange position of LOCK2-LOCK4 etc, exactly in the middle of the tag.
    Is this normal or there is something wrong in the tag given me by the electronic department?

    If is normal, I can't access the memory behind this data (LOCK2-LOCK... etc) or there are another way to access it?
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