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    22. April 2020 at 23:30
    in reply to: Card providing a different ID on every read
    Thanks for that, had assumed it was something similar, just a surprise given that I have 5 other reasonably recent chip cards from well known banks that don't do it.

    I understand the risks of depending on the UID, however it is just my garage, The likelihood of a physical breach is probably higher than someone with sufficient knowledge and access to my system to spoof or clone the UID. It'd take a brave individual to attempt, given the CCTV coverage in the area.

    Currently using a cheap controller that although perfectly functional is limited in it's configuration. Depending on the duration of the lockdown I have a bit of a plan to replace with a one of my own design.

    If they steal the card I'd be more worried about any spending spree, rather than them using it to access my garage.
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