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    9. January 2017 at 10:11
    in reply to: Help with authentication on DESFireEV1 card
    Thanks for the reply Christian.

    As can be seen in the initial post I used this method for selecting the application.

    _objDESFireEV1.selectApplication( 6 );

    Then I did an authentication using the following method.

    _objDESFireEV1.authenticate( 0, IDESFireEV1.AuthType.AES, KeyType.AES128, keyData);

    Is that not enough or the correct way to do this?

    Error message I get is thrown when trying to authenticate with the code above.

    Data is stored something like this.

    Application	File	Key
    X A 112233AA112233AA112233AA
    X B 445566BB445566BB445566BB
    X C 778899CC778899CC778899CC

    Is it possible to authenticate with different keys for the same application in order to access the different files stored there?
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