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  • Re: Reply To: IC Card Mifare 1K Card Procurement Assistance

    10. December 2019 at 12:14
    in reply to: IC Card Mifare 1K Card Procurement Assistance
    I am using Mifare card with Rohost software for Windows login. As per Rohos, all they need is just about 200-500 bytes in Mifare memory for normal operation.
    So please advise what should be my answers for the following questions.

    1) Please advise the Bit number which will be used for Card programming?
    2) Please provide the Format number for Card Programming?
    3) Please provide the Facility Code for Card programming?
    4) Please provide the card start number for card programming?
    5) Please advise if Yes or No if you have verification of corporate 1000 Status?

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