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  • 21. September 2016 at 23:20

    I have little experience developing with RC522 on Arduino UNO, in this project i use a Mifare Classic Cards and Mifare Ultralight so the client needs migrate to Desfire Family and unfortunately the library that I use doesn't work with desfire family, therefore i bought a Explore-NFC V1.6 Module and connect to Raspberry pi 3 and now i'm start to develop the new app.

    I have a various questions.

    The Explore-NFC module works with Mifare Desfire Family? (EV1, EV2)
    Somebody could share a simple example for write, read and authenticate on the type of cards?
    From where download a SDK and tools for start to develop the new app?
    Somebody has a tutorial for begginners?

    Thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for my bad english.

    Best regards.

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    Re: Where to start with Explore-NFC and Desfire EV1

    22. September 2016 at 9:59
    Hi Hiram,

    NXP offers a SDK for accessing to all NXP NFC products. But this SDK is for Android programming:


    You can use NXP NFC reader ICs together with Arduino or Raspberry PI, but you have to implement the NFC driver by yourself. On Linux systems you will find the PCSCLite library, a free implementation of the PC/SC driver of Windows.


    Kind regards,
    The TapLinx Team
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