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  • 10. September 2015 at 22:59

    IC: Mifare Ultralight EV1 (80 bytes)
    SDK: Mifare SDK Lite

    I'm trying to set all the user pages as read-only without authenticating, and if I'm correct, using the command:

    objUlCardEV1.enablePasswordProtection(false, 0x04)

    should make this work, but it locks all the user pages.

    Instead, if I use

    objUlCardEV1.enablePasswordProtection(false, 0x05)

    it makes pages from 4 to 7 read-only, and all other pages blocked for reading or writing without authentication.

    Is this a bug or I misunderstood the documentation?

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    Re: Ultralight EV1 AUTH0/access questions

    12. November 2015 at 11:03

    If you have a look into the documentation:


    You will see that the method enablePasswordProtection() only changes the password access. To make all pages read-only, what you intended, you should use the method makeCardReadOnly() .

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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