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  • 29. June 2015 at 11:13
    I have to read Ultralight C Cards which are encrypted with 3DES.

    My environment
    - Visual Studio 2013/C#
    - Lumia 640 LTE with NFC-pn547-chipset
    - WinPhone 8.1

    I downloaded PcscSdk code samples. The code samples are using apdu commands (ISO 7816). I cannot work with the proximity lib, as I do not have NDEF-cards. All works fine as long as I do not try to read enrypted cards.

    According Mifare product data sheet MIFARE Ultralight C - Contactless ticket IC, Rev. 3.2 — 30 June 2014, 137632, Chapter 7.5.5 I have to start an encrypted session with sending command AUTHENTICATE (0x1A).
    How do I do that?
    Must I use an equivalent apdu command? Or must I send an apdu command like GET DATA (0xCA) or GET RESPONSE (0xC0), extended with commanddata?
    Could anyone help just with this first command CLA=?, INS=?, P1=?, P2=?, CommandData=, LE=?, LC=? This would clarify a lot to me.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Ultralight C / WinPhone 8.1 / 3DES-Authentication

    15. December 2015 at 13:38
    Hi Bernd,

    the datasheet of the MIFARE UltraLight C


    explains on pages 29 and 30 the authentication procedure.
    The byte sequence used, depends on the library you use for communication. On PCs the PC/SC library is widely used and this library also is available for C#. Please refer to the manual of your reader how the PC/SC library is implemented for this reader. In this manual you will find examples how to pack the UltraLight C commands into write methods.

    The MIFARE Team
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