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  • 18. February 2017 at 15:55
    I know once you block sector it's impossible to unblock it without password or change B key,
    but is it also true for Classic card on SmartMX ?
    If I am a card issuer can I just reformat Classic card to rewrite some or all sectors to factory default ?
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    Re: Smart MX format virtual MIFARE Classic

    20. February 2017 at 10:20
    Hi Nika,

    The MIFARE Classic has no “format command” as it exists for instance for the MIFARE DESFire. You need to know the information of the sector trailer to get access to a sector. This is also true if you try to access to a MIFARE Classic on a Virtual Card.

    If you are the card issuer you know the default keys of each sector and you can protect all sectors for unauthorized access by changing the keys.

    The TapLinx team
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