Set UID to 00000000

  • 1. May 2019 at 10:16
    The title says it all. Facepalm, I know.

    Card details:
    Mifare 1k Classic
    16 x 4 sectors x blocks

    I bought a rewritable card, just arrived today. Was testing it out, seeing if I could write to block 0, sector 0 just chucked in 16 bytes of 0x00 without thinking. Bricked. Anything I can do to write over it? I have tried sending commands to it but doesn't seem to be changing anything I might be doing something wrong.

    Any help on how to rewrite this card?
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    Re: Set UID to 00000000

    6. May 2019 at 8:57
    Hi John,

    Sorry, but you bought definitively not a genuine NXP product. With a lot of drawbacks and side effects I would not use such cards in your business.

    The TapLinx team

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