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  • 9. May 2014 at 12:15
    I had purchased a LPCXpresso board and CLEV663B board from NXP.I am able to read the value in MiFARE card in the console through USB.Now the question is how to read the same value in my hyperterminal. What changes should i make in the firmware/hardware to make it possible?The sample code i am using is RC663-LPC1227-Classic.Kindly advice. Thank you.
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    Re: Serial terminal using RC663-LPC1227-Classic program?

    1. June 2014 at 10:21
    Thanks Andreas.I will refer the polling project code.BTW got it solved by writing a UART library in my main program.

    I have another doubt.
    In the RC663-LPC1227-Classic program authentication is done using the below function

    PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phpalMifare_MfcAuthenticate(&palMifare,
    0, PHHAL_HW_MFC_KEYA, Key, bUid));
    The default key given is :

    static /* const */ uint8_t Key[6] = {0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU, 0xFFU};

    Now i tried to write new key number for authorisation by below given function: PH_CHECK_SUCCESS_FCT(status, phKeyStore_SetKey(&Rc663keyStore, 0, 0,

    It didnt work.Kindly suggest ways to load a new key for sector authorisation.Thanks in advance.
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