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  • 21. June 2019 at 15:00

    My company plan to use Plus Cards in SL1 with a SAM AV2.

    I tried to make some code which will make 3-phase authentication with a keys stored in SAM as described in DS196330 and AN10978 documents. But without success on two different readers (linux, Android). I can perform WUPA, anticollision and other commands from 14443-3a, but can not perform MIFARE specific command (not all).

    Is this authentication works only on selected IC readers like MICORE or RC632? Or it can be performed on every reader with 14443-3a support? In other words is this feature hardware dependend?

    PS: During experiments, I found both of my readers can perform authenticateSectorWithKeyA and authenticateSectorWithKeyB in form with a card UID and CLEAR KEY.

    With best regards,
    Vasily Vasilchikov
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