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  • 15. October 2019 at 21:14
    I'm tried change my SAM AV1 to AV2. My code do it without problems, but sometimes the hardware lose the connection with the SAM . If the process Lock/Unclock -AV1 -> AV2- fail, then SAM now is AV2 but some keys are TDEA - Desfire and other AES 128. After that, I can't change the keys TDEA - Desfire and I can't Lock/Unlock Av1 to Av2 because the command GetVersion said that SAM is AV2.


        Get Version command

        If SAM is AV1 change this

      • Authenticate with SAM

      • Change Key Master Key to AES 128

      • Lock/Unlock Av1 - Av2
        Here is problem, the 3 steps of this command, fail in the last.

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      Re: SAM Av1 to AV2 – with problems

      22. October 2019 at 10:45
      Hi Marcelo,

      Changing a key cipher is not part of switch from AV1 to AV2. On a blank chip key #0 is always enabled and has cipher AES128. This is the host key and I recommend not to use this key for other purposes. Host key must use AES128 or AES192. Other ciphers are not valid for host keys. You can use the host key for the switch from AV1 to AV2.

      The TapLinx team
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