Resp.ErrAuth on AuthenticateSectorSwitch to SL1SL3MixMode

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  • 13. June 2019 at 19:11

    I'm getting a Resp.ErrAuth when i send the PCDChalResp to a Mifare Plus EV1 on a AuthenticateSectorSwitch to SL1SL3MixMode operation.

    However, only if the L1L3MixSectorSwitchKey and the AESSectorKeyB of the sector I'm trying to switch are both at the maximum value (all at FFh) the operation succeeds .

    I followed the example on the document AN3729 pages 16 and 17 and I confirmed that my code is doing the ciphering right by using the same randoms and keys as the example and obtaining the same values.

    I already make sure that the SectorSwitch byte on the MFPConfigurationBlock it's at AAh and that I'm using the correct cryptograpy mode as specified in the documentation.

    Also, i did make sure that the IV is at the minimum value (all at 00h) before doing each encryption/decryption.

    What could I be doing wrong?
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