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  • 10. November 2015 at 16:12
    Goodmorning to everyone,
    i'm new in the world of RFID and Mifare SDK. I'm developing an application that it will format tag from NdefFormtable to Ndef and in this application the user can read the usermemory. I'm testing the application with my HTC One M9 and i can read tag with ultralight chip without problems, but i have some problems with ICode( i have SLIS and SLIL chip). When i read the block the answer is an array of 5 bytes(not 4) and the first 4 bytes aren't correct. This is the command i give in my code:
    block_byte = iCodeSLIL.readSingleBlock(ICodeSLIL.NFCV_FLAG_ADDRESS, (byte)i);

    If i test my application in other smartphones(Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Ace 3) the code works well and the answer is correct and ALSO if i use TagInfo from NXP in my HTC One M9 the answer is correct. I suppose that NXP doesn't use his SDK for TagInfo and in the other hand they didn't build the sdk from the code of TagInfo.
    I supposed that :
    - I'm made some errors in my code
    - NXP uses transceive command for read ICode in his TagInfo and also in his SDK but the rawdata that they send are different.

    So, which one is correct? Maybe both maybe i don't know.

    Thank you everyone for the support and i'm sorry if my english isn't correct.

    Davide Mosezon
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    Re: ReadSingleBlock command on ICode chip

    12. November 2015 at 10:46
    Dear Mr. Mosezon,

    the are a lot of different tags available, with different parameters and properties. It depends on the NFC reader in your phone, how the interoperability is guaranteed. Some devices, mainly such with a low price NFC reader chip, cannot fulfill all specifications for all tag types and this is the reason why some smart phones does not operate properly with some types of tags.

    You should always check your application with other smart phones to ensure the reader component in your phone is suitable for you.

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team

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