• 4. September 2014 at 18:28
    My name is Konstantin Novikov. I work for a company Plasys
    (www.plasys.com.ua), which is located in Ukraine, Kiev. One of the
    objectives of the company is to serve and

    support the passage of passengers at the Kiev Metro. The system is based
    on the products of your company. In the reader used chip RC 663. system
    running the Linux

    operating system, with it by using your library NIKSPRDLiib.

    There are two types of tickets:
    1 On the number of trips with replenishment.
    2 Pass for one month with the possibility of extension.
    For tickets use Mifare ultralight card, Mifare Classic, Mifare Plus in
    compatibility mode for Mifare Classic.

    There is a new challenge to translate card Mifare Plus in the highest
    security mode SL3.
    With the help of Google translator was able to examine your
    documentation on the task and to his regret did not find a single
    example that would use the library

    NXPRDLib to work with the cards Mifare Plus mode SL3.
    In AN10840 describes only the general principle of migration, without
    reference to the library.
    In the help file NXP Reader Library.chm given a very brief description
    of the functions that do not allow to understand how to use these

    I have been provided card Mifare Plus mode SL3. I have them the keys A
    and B to all sectors, Card Master Key, Card Configuration Kay, Level 2
    Key Switch, Level 3

    Switch Key, Select VC key and Proximity Check Key,
    VC ENC Key and VC MAC Key.
    PLEASE !!!
    Write an example program in C language, using the library NXPRDLib.
    Or at least the sequence of use of the library functions and what
    parameters to pass them, how and where to transfer the said keys, from
    initialization protocol to

    read and write data in sectors.
    Learned on the forum that there is documentation of the NDA. How can it be obtained?
    PLEASE !!!
    Do not leave this letter unanswered, and if you do not help me in this,
    then write to me about it !!!
    Time goes by, Projects does not work. I could get fired (. HELP !!!
    Regards Konstantin Novikov.
    Sorry for the English, is Google translator.
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    Re: NXPRDLib

    13. December 2022 at 8:35
    Don't worry.
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    Re: NXPRDLib

    15. May 2023 at 15:05
    Hello Konstantin Novikov. Nice to meet you. My job is a bit different from yours. I work and manage rocket bot royale. This is an interesting game website, it has a mission to help users entertain and kill time in their spare time.
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