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  • 8. December 2017 at 7:03
    We want to protect our brand with NTAG213 tag to against counterfeit.
    At first we think users can use smartphone (Android and iPhone 7) to get UID from NTAG213, send to our server to verify the tag attached on our product is from us, so the product is genuine.
    But later we found there are many UID changeable tags on the market, according seller's ad, including MIFARE Classic 1K, Ultralight, Ultralight C, DESfire 4K, Topaz 512, NTAG 203/210/213/215/216.
    So using only the UID to protect counterfeit is unsafe, and if customers use iPhone 7, there is no way to write an APP to read the UID from NTAG, iPhone can only read NDEF message -- as we were told right now.
    Another way to protect our brand is using NXP's Originality Signatures, but we think this requires the private key kept secret in NXP's server. (NXP announced there will be a NXP Originality Checker Reader to verify the authenticity of a card IC, but only active user of NXP DocStore and have a NDA signed with NXP can get this type of reader.)

    The information in WiKi said, I believed it is from NXP's document: NXP Semiconductors originality signature function, this is an integrated originality checker and is an effective cloning protection that helps to prevent counterfeit of tickets. However this protection is applicable only to "mass penetration of non NXP originated chips and does not prevent hardware copy or emulation of a single existing valid chip.

    My questions are:
    1. Must we have tag' s private key to do Originality Check?
    2. If so, can we get the private key from NXP to do it ourselves?
    3. Is Originality Check safe enough to protect counterfeit?
    4. Is hardware copy required special hardware, or a reader with a special software, or even an special APP on smartphone can do? We hope hardware copy is difficult to do, so our products will be safer.
    5. Will NXP release NTAG SDK for iOS11 that will read and write not only NDEF message but all the pages in NTAG? i.e. could NTAG SDK for iOS11 have the functions same as in Android TapLinx SDK?


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    Re: NTAG213 real-time authentication and NTAG SDK for iOS11 (?) questions

    11. December 2017 at 10:59
    Hi Liang,

    An answer to all your questions could be very elaborate in this forum. Therefore I forwarded your questions to one of our tag experts to answer you directly.

    The TapLinx team

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    Re: NTAG213 real-time authentication and NTAG SDK for iOS11 (?) questions

    29. December 2017 at 8:58
    May I also have the answer? We need authentication solution as well, better custom command available work arounds on iOS 11.2, thank you so much.
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