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  • 1. June 2016 at 16:34
    We have just started a project in which we want to use an Android based device to read our passangers' travelcards.
    Our first step has been to use Sample APP Mifare SDK in our device to test its feasibility prior to adquire SDK Advance tools to implement a customized application. Once Sample APP is installed we have failed to gain access through our device embbebed SAM cause it requires a Card Reader Manager APP which seems to be supported only for HID Omnikey SAM Readers...

    Is our device (or anyone different from HID) unable to run Mifare SDK SAM tools to access cards info? I attach device´s technical specifications
    Could you inform us or provide us with a solution to access travelcards?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Mifare SDK Sample APP and SAM requirements

    3. June 2016 at 11:29
    Hi Santiago,

    First of all: the “MIFARE SDK for Android” is a library for Android development in Java. In this case you deal only with the built-in NFC controller of your Android device. External NFC readers cannot be supported by SDK, because such readers requires also third party libraries for communicating with the reader. You can use such libraries in your app, but you cannot share an external library with the internal NFC library.

    The first releases of the MIFARE SDK supports the external Omnikey reader. This product is not continued anymore and also the MIFARE SDK support is canceled.

    Kind regards,
    The MIFARE Team
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