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  • 7. August 2014 at 11:46
    I've just tested the current Android SDK I have problems with reading Mifare Plus card too. ( false genuie validation bug). My question is: How can i get ( purchase) the Advanced SDK , becouse i need full support for MIFARE PLUS and MIFARE DESFIRE cards , and i need a bugfree SDK

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    Re: Mifare SDK Advanced Version

    7. August 2014 at 12:43
    Hi atakacs,
    As you rightly said, the LITE version of MIFARE SDK has limited features. As of now, LITE SDK is designed to communicate with PLUS SL3 cards only. We will add API to switch security level in LITE also in next release.

    The Advanced version is going to be announced soon. We are in final phases of production release.

    Thank you for your patience.
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