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  • 28. July 2015 at 12:34
    We are working on Mifare SAM AV2 Cards and we have some basic queries regarding that...

    1. How can we read mifare SAM card? Can you provide reader for read the SAM?
    2. How can we inject key into the SAM card? Is there any specific tool to inject keys in SAM card?
    3. How can we interface this SAM card with our Hardware module (HHT device) ?

    So, please provide answers for the above queries.

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    Re: Mifare SAM AV2

    10. August 2015 at 16:43

    Did you managed to do something? Because its more than 10 days and I see no reply.

    My suggestions are:

    1- You should register yourself at the NXP docstore (https://www.docstore.nxp.com/flex/DocStoreApp.html#/l) and from there you should download the SAM documentations upon their approval. Actually as the first step you should order a development kit called Pegoda Reader (http://www.nxp.com/demoboard/MFEV710.html) and you may even think on taking a Training offered by NXP, MobileKnowledge, or UL. Its Module 4 you need.

    With the Pegoda reader and the MIFAREDiscover software you will be able to write/read and communicate with the SAM.

    2- Yes, use the reader, and the software. I used to write the keys in the Key Store Table KST. I'm not sure how it is with injecting the keys into the SAM (but you have the possibilities to write the keys to the Table and Save them in .key file, or Load them back to the MIFAREDisover). However, keep in mind that once you write a key to the SAM you cannot eye-read it from SAM even with the MIFAREDiscover program. However you have a KeyStoreTable in the Software so you can write your keys so you dont lose track (and save them as a .key file).

    3- Your hardware module should have some function to read contact cards (or the SAM). You should use these functions to send APDU commands to SAM. SAM will send you a response (answer APDU-R). You may need to use it, to sent another command to the SAM or it may be the SUCCES answer (which is some data and the Status Word. If SUCCES it is something like DATA9000)

    SAM and the APDU command are not an easy topic.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Mifare SAM AV2

    13. August 2015 at 14:25
    Thank you very much for your reply..it is very helpful for me..
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