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  • 25. October 2016 at 14:16

    I am currently working on RC663 and mifare SAM AV2 in X mode.

    So, first I have sent the power on command to the SAM and I got ATR from the SAM.

    But, then when I send RC_init command which is 80E50000 I got the the interface error. This is because register values set for Rc522 IC. So I need to change the register value for RC663.

    For that I referred Datasheet of SAM ( ds164535 ) and application note for SAM x interface( AN10977 ). But its has given the commands for RC522 and there is nothing for RC663.

    Still I got that i need to use loadregistervalueset command to set the register value for RC663 and I made the command as per understanding which is as follows :


    But, I got nothing response from the reader IC.

    So please help me in this. which way I am going wrong ? and which document I need to refer for the RC663?

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    Re: Mifare SAM AV2 in X mode with RC663

    3. November 2016 at 8:54
    Hi DevPatel,

    You have to set the interface of the RC663 into SAM mode in the HostControlRegister (0x01) with value 0x28.

    The TapLinx Team
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