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  • 9. July 2015 at 11:46
    Hi guys,
    need your support for a redesign of an existing reader module we are currently using.
    On the existing module we have an HTRC 110 for Hitag and an MF RC 500 for Mifare Classic.
    We use this module mainly for reading the UID for access control and for Time and attendance registration.
    Now we are going to design a new terminal which should be able to read UID of various exisiting cards out in the field.
    As we often do not know about the existing user cards, which are going to be used on our terminals, we need to have a flexible reader module, which can read a wide range of existing and future cards in various applications.
    As mentioned we usually read only the UID for identifying the person and do not write to the existing cards.
    Any recommendation, thanks?
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