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  • 15. July 2014 at 12:43
    I've recently purchased some blank MIFARE Plus 2K cards and have downloaded and installed the sample application (v01.01.01.1427) and also attempted to write some data to the card using the MIFARE SDK.

    When I install the sample application, the splash screen is displayed, then the main activity screen shows up but when I tap the card, the application vibrates the phone and then nothing.

    When I attempt to perform any operations using the SDK, a message in the debug console comes up which approximately states "card originality card failed or non-genuine NXP...". The cards are genuine but nothing seems to work. Do I need to format/initialise the MIFARE Plus 2K before use with android applications?

    *** UPDATE *** The exact error message that is shown in the stack reads: "Card did not pass NXP Originality check hence you cannot use this library"
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    Re: MIFARE Plus Format

    22. July 2014 at 5:14
    The MIFARE SDK is designed to work with only genuine MIFARE Cards. This seems to be a bug in checking the originality of blank Plus cards. We have fixed this and shall be included in next release. Thank you very much mmerryfull.
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