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  • 14. March 2020 at 14:18
    Hi, how can I verify the uniquity of of a MiFARE DESFIRE EV2 4k card?

    I want that this card should not be clonable. If I use mifare-desfire-info from the debian package libfreefare-bin I get some information like UID, Production date and others.

    So all in all my question is what string of this I should store in my access database.

    Sorry if this question is bad, feel free to ask me if you need any further informations
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    Re: MiFARE DESFIRE EV2 Door System, verify card

    16. March 2020 at 13:56
    Hi Emil,

    If you are the card issurer, you should change the Master PICC Key to a known key. For the Master PICC level you can set one following bits:
    • Allow changing the PICC Master Key.

    • Free directory list access without PICC Master Key.

    • PICC Master Key not required for create/delete application.

    • Configuration changeable.

    If you, for instance, let the flag “PICC Master Key not required…” unset, no one can create a new application on the card without authenticate with PICC Master Key. This key is known only by you, so no one can do this. Usually, you will allow this. Therefore you would set this flag. For instance, you issue a card for an access system, it could be a good idea to allow the kiosk or canteen maintainer (in the same building) to use the card for log buying goods. For buying a snack, the user use the access card instead of using a credit card. This is only an example to show it can make sense to allow access.

    The TapLinx team

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    Re: MiFARE DESFIRE EV2 Door System, verify card

    20. May 2020 at 14:29
    hi - I am just now reading this, and this is super helpful "starter" tip for someone like me who is just now starting to look at developing a homebrew OTP/MFA type of soln for my DESFire EV2 card and implanted chipset.

    PS: I will start looking into the TapLinx SDK. I had asked earlier if there was a C or a Python implementation of it. Would be super helpful to have.

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