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  • 6. October 2019 at 10:44
    Please apologize my poor English first. I'm a new comer. My task is to use my android phone to emulate a mifare classic card. I searched the web and found lots of Q&A. Many answer is HCE. Host card emulation looks like a good answer for my question. But when I tried to do, I confused. Here are two situations.
    1. two android phone, one has installed Tag Info which can check the tag(mifare card). Another installed Samsung pay and has already registered a mifare classis card. When I let pay to emulate the card and close to the other phone(opened tag info app). The phone showed "New tag discovered" and I can check the card content. Well the emulation was really a true mifare card.

    2. also two phones, one installed tag info, anther installed the example app from Microsoft(HCE demo). Do the same thing above, tag info cannot discover the tag, and only trigged the android beam.

    So I want to know what is AID and if AID is wrong and emulation can not start.
    Because I see the docs and it showed the AID is the way to trig the emulation. But I confused that when card reader(installed tag info) finds the emulation phone and send the wrong AID(not be registered in emulation phone) and emulation phone can not get the AID.
    Another question is how Samsung does this emulation. Indeed, this question is hard to answer. So I change my question to HCE can emulation miafare classic or Mifare4Mobile can do this.
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    Re: Mifare classic Emulation?

    8. October 2019 at 9:38
    Hi Henry,

    I cannot say anything about Microsoft HCE demo. But take in mind, each security and payment application on an electronic device run in a special chip, the so-called Security Element (SE). The SE is usually combined with the NFC reader of the device. You cannot access the SE from a user app of the phone. Otherwise it would be security flaw!

    Forget it trying to “emulate” a SE as user app on a phone. Such approach is definitely not secure and will not be accepted.

    In your last question you have the answer. MIFARE4Mobile is a MIFARE product, for instance a MIFARE Classic, a MIFARE DESFire etc., running on a SE on your device. Unfortunately, you must be a hardware manufacturer to implement a SE in your device. SE’s in phones are usually not accessible from outside because of security reasons.

    The TapLinx team

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    Re: Mifare classic Emulation?

    10. October 2019 at 10:45
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